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Market like you mean it

Video Tips, Tricks, and Mini-Trainings with Katie

Nail Your Initial Client Phone Call Every Time

Learn the mistakes you’re making now and how to fix them so clients can’t wait to come see you!

Headshot Tips for Therapists and Coaches

Learn a few secrets and DON’Ts! you haven’t heard before!

Create an Email List for Your Referral Sources

…and skyrocket your practice. Seriously. Easy, free, and incredibly effective.

The Power of the Ask

…or how I ended up with about 30 gallons of bleach I didn’t need, thanks to a *cunning* Walmart salesperson.

Yes, You Should Brag on Your Website

I know. It’s uncomfortable. But there’s a right way and a wrong way, and a big WHY. Learn here.

Copy Hack: Use Motivational Interviewing on your Website

You learned it in school. You use it with clients. Time to motivate those new clients to call.

Are You Thinking About Your Niche all Wrong?

If you’re stuck on the niche question, chances are you’re making this common mistake.

Set Your Fee Without Wanting to Hide Under Your Chair

Saying your fee out loud make you cringe? We can fix that.

Build Your Logo Free in Canva

It’s easier than you think, free, and fun to play around with!

Website Whisperer Wednesdays

See several different examples of website coaching I’ve done with therapists just like you!

Worwork with me

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