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Things I Use, Love, and Trust

Level Up with These Resources


The Pumpkin Plan: Great book about finding, serving, and prioritizing your Ideal Clients

Profit First: You need to level up your finances! Here’s how.

Build a Story Brand: Phenomenal book about messaging, marketing, and copywriting.

Launch: Pretty much the bible of online list-building and launch strategy.

You are a Badass at Making Money: The inner work of getting your money-stuff down!

You are a Badass: The inner work of stepping out like a true entrepreneur.

The One Thing: Simplify your goals and strategies for huge improvements in productivity.

Afformations: The questions you ask yourself make all the difference. These are revolutionary.

The Power of Habit: Learn about how to change those habits you’re done with.

The War of Art: Just get it. Trust me. So good.

Expert Secrets: Possibly the best business and sales book I’ve ever read.

Dotcom Secrets: Same as above. Russel Brunson is a multi-millionaire, all through the psychological power of sales.

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch: Great book for working on your money mindset.

Other Stuff I’ve Used and Recommend

Various Free and Paid Tools

Digital Gangsta Course: This is how I got my start learning tech and online marketing. It’s a monster class that teaches you marketing strategy, technology, and everything you could possibly need to set up a successful online business. It’s an investment, but it’s really amazing. I have a great business going…and still dozens of modules I haven’t even scratched the surface on!

Create Your Laptop Life Membership: The membership associated with the class above. Excellent place for business connections, hiring help, learning marketing, getting tech help when you’re stuck, etc. Included in The Digital Gangsta course, above.

Facebook Ads Class: This teacher (Julie Stoian) is a master. Don’t waste money on Facebook ads without taking a class first! This course is also included in The Digital Gangsta course, above.

Divi: This is a drag-and-drop WordPress theme with plenty of pre-made templates, a massive amount of online support, and endless possibilities. I built this site with it, and once you get through the initial learning curve, YOU WILL LOVE IT.

Dubsado: This is my client-management platform. Emails, contracts, invoices, finances…it’s all tracked in one place.

Mailerlite: The best of the free email service providers…but I have to be honest: I don’t love it. Some people do, so I’m including it, but I find it non-intuitive and glitchy at times. I moved to Convertkit, and moving everything is a huge pain, so be sure you’re going to like the system before you get too deep in with it!

Convertkit: The best of the paid email programs. (Everyone has opinions about these, but I trust the lifetime digital marketers in my network, and they love Convertkit.) When you pay for a provider, you have a much better chance of avoiding the dreaded junk mail folder, and that’s a BIG deal!

Keywords Everywhere: Find keywords fast. 

Eye Dropper Chrome Extension: Find color hex codes instantly.

Canva: Build all your graphics for free!

Brighter Vision: All-in-one website design and managed hosting company.

Cris Roskelley. A therapist and website designer.

Kat Love, Empathysites

Ring Light: Ten bucks to make your videos and Lives stand out.

Ring Light Plus Phone Holder: Under $20 and so. Incredibly. Handy.

Webcam: Your desktop camera is tired. Give your videos a huge boost with an inexpensive webcam.


Listen up!

Podcasts to Build Your Business

Amy Porterfield

The Life Coach School

Goal Diggers

Biz Chix

Story Brand

Create Your Laptop Life