LEVEL UP: The Signature Experience

An Intensive, 6-Week, Small Group Coaching for Therapists Ready for More
You’re Not Stuck in Your Therapy Office Forever

Join a Small Group of Powerhouse Clinicians and Level Up

Overcome Your Internal Obstacles + Bust Outta the Office

You can have more money, more freedom, and more flexibility.


But that all begins with you.

Not every therapist is a Therapreneur.

And not every Therapreneur buckles down and figures out what it takes

to create the life of her dreams.

You can learn all the marketing in the world (and you should),

but marketing will never get you out of your own way.


You’ll never grow a business bigger

than your limiting beliefs allow.


In Level Up, we master what matters.

Learn to play the inner game first,

and your business becomes a natural extension of

your confidence, your personality, and your purpose.

So, is this group right for you?

Maybe, if any of these ring true:

You want to do more, make more $$, have more freedom...but you don't know where to start.

You’d love to add passive income, coaching, teaching, leading retreats…but how to begin?

How to get seen?

And most importantly, how to overcome that little voice telling you you’ll never succeed?

You get it that to build a business, career, LIFE you love, the inner work has to come right along with the nuts-and-bolts training.

Yes, you want to learn marketing and leveraging social media and alternative income streams and all. The. Things.

But mostly, you want the deep-down transformation that lets you achieve one dream after another, practically on autopilot, because your internal game is on POINT.

Ok fine you'll admit it! Now and then, once in a while, if you're totally honest, being a therapist gets a teeny tiny bit...*boring*.

(Don’t worry, no one heard you think that.)

And guess what? We’re a tribe just like you.

We’re excellent clinicians, we still love being therapists, but deep down we know we want more than just this for the next 30ish years.

You're ready to buckle down, meet your tribe, and do the work to set you up for a powerhouse year.

Your bigger life is waiting.

Do you want to be in this same position a year from now, or would you rather look back on this as the year you exploded your career, your potential, and your life?

In Level Up, You’ll Get:

Weekly Live Coaching + Q & A Sessions (Recorded + Submit Q's if You Can't Make It)


Weekly Live Mindset Maverick Sessions (Recorded + Submit Q's if You Can't Make It)


Weekly Flow So You'll Know What to Do and When


The Community: A Supportive, Active, Engaged, Inspiring Private Facebook Group of Your future Friends-for-Life


Challenge Opportunities to Increase Your Confidence, Visibility, and Income


Explore Building a Brand, Becoming Visible, Leveraging Social Media, Tech and Systems, and the Best Income Streams for You


Weekly Money Prompts+ Accountability (Because We All Have Money Issues!)


Weekly Mindset Work + Accountability (Uplevel Your Whole Life, Not Just Your Business!)


Meet the Tribe that Will Change it All for You. Your Level Up Colleagues will Become Your Best Friends and Biggest Cheerleaders. (Just ask my grads!)


PLUS These Two Bonus Masterclasses!

Facebook Marketing Masterclass

Master the Algorithm

Attract Your Audience

Explode Your Business


Email Marketing Masterclass

Learn the Logistics

Develop Your Hook

Build the Relationship

I’m Katie Read, LMFT and Therapreneur Coach.

You’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know by clicking around my website, but here are the basics:

I built from zero-zip-nada

to a full-time business

in just four months

using only Facebook and email,

with no paid ads. 


I see my clients struggle with the same challenges each and every day (and, since we’re all friends here, of course I’ve gone through these same struggles!). We all have:

Imposter Syndrome

Money Hangups

Fears Around Getting More Visible

Confusion Around Adding Services + Therapy

A Belief that We’re Not Expert Enough

And Fear of Tech!

I get it…and I’ll get you through it. 

Formal Katie:

Normal Katie:

6-Week Level Up

Intensive Small Group Coaching

Weekly Live Coaching + Q & A (Recorded + Submit Q’s Early!)

Weekly Live Mindset Coaching Sessions (Recorded + Submit Q’s Early!)

Supportive, Active Private Facebook Group

Daily Accountability in the Group

Challenges to Increase Your Confidence, Visibility, and $$

Business-Building Resource List

Weekly Flow so You Know What to do & When

Personalized Help Figuring Out and Meeting YOUR Goals

Weekly Money Prompts and Accountability

Weekly Mindset Prompts and Accountability

Networking and Relationship-Building

BONUS: Facebook (Free) Marketing Masterclass

BONUS: Email Marketing Masterclass

PLUS: Extra Bonuses will be available to those who join the Waiting List, and Waitlisters will have access BEFORE doors open to anyone else!


For all Level Up Members 

1:1 Laser Coaching with KATIE

for only $297! (Save $100!)

One session.

You and me.

Hyper-focused on your needs, your current challenges,

and the fears that are keeping you stuck.

You’ll come out with clear direction and excitement!

Feeling confused? Let me coach you.

Fears tripping you up? Let’s meet.

Tech gotcha down? I get it.

Want a personal plan? Done.

Group work is amazing, but we all know how far we can get in just one 1:1 session. 

I want you to get the most possible out of these six weeks.

This is a big discount off of my regular 1:1 session prices,

and is available only to Level Up Members to use in the 6 weeks.

Questions? Just drop me a line at Katie@katiereadkatiewrite.com!