About Katie

Moving You From Therapist to Therapreneur

Uncover Your Unique Gifts

and Grow the Multiple Income Streams

You’re Dreaming About

I’m Katie, and…

I’m fun at parties.

No, seriously, I am that rare breed of extroverted therapist, and I love coaxing the genius out of my fellow clinicians. First we find your vein of gold, then I show you how to get your ideas to market and expand. My clarity, messaging, and marketing techniques will get you calls, and you will never be alone on this (exciting!) journey.

I give out freebies like candy on Halloween

Once you work with me, you are in my community, and I share all helpful free resources I find and create. Let’s keep your budget real as you build.

I have been all over this field

I’ve had a private practice, supervised dozens of interns, directed two large mental health programs, taught grad school, written therapist training materials, and worked with and for coaches. Whatever you specialize in, chances are I’ve bumped into it.

I'm a Master Teacher

Teaching is my fave. You’ll leave each session with a notebook full of new ideas, clarity of purpose, and guidance on your exact next steps to grow your biz.

I'm an Autism Mom

Twice over. Not that that should make you trust me…but let’s just say life has taken us on a roller coaster, and I have nothing but empathy for people’s hidden struggles (including yours).

I keep it real

If you need something I can’t do, I’m not gonna take your money and fumble through it. If we’re not a perfect fit, I will still give you every resource and referral I know to help you find what you need.


Wow…just wow!  This is AMAZING.  Clear, direct, and personable!  And it sounds like ME!!
I’m so glad I found you!

Dr. Jacquelyn Strait, PhD

A ‘lil more

So You Want to…

Teach or Speak

You teach naturally in your client sessions: it’s time to move that magic out to the bigger world. 

Whether you want to create a course or become a public speaker, I’ll help you master your marketing, presence, messaging, and poise.


Have no fear.

There are as many ways to coach as there are sequins on Lady Gaga’s dresses.

If you can dream it, we can build it, and I’ll help you define your programs, market like a boss, and protect that license you worked so hard for.


Retreats in your future?  Maybe helping other therapists find success like yours, or using your expertise in a unique, intensive experience?

We can turn your ideas into marketable streams of income, and take your leadership to the larger stage.

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