I hear a lot of arguments against niching from coaches and therapists.

But I want to help all different people!

But I’m good at a lot of things!

But it will get boring to talk about the same issues all the time!

Niching is just a marketing ploy!

These clients bring me their web copy, and many are great writers. They write about clients feeling better, getting happier, enjoying life more, feeling inner peace.

Who doesn’t want those things?


Everyone doesn’t want those things.


It’s time to get real.

And maybe a little personal.

I’m an autism mom.

It’s freaking hard.

I end many of my days feeling like a giant failure at parenting and, by extension…life.

If I were looking for a therapist or coach, and I read 10 different profiles who all sounded good, smart, knowledgeable, who each charged $100 bucks a week and all seemed like people I would like…I still wouldn’t call.

That’s just the reality.

I would not trust any generalist to really, deeply get me and my experience.

I would be afraid of not being met.

Of not being seen and understood at the deepest levels.

I wouldn’t trust that the value I needed would really be there, for my 100 bucks a week.

And when you don’t trust the value to be there, it’s damn hard to part with your money.

Now, let’s say I found a specialist.

Let’s say I stumbled across someone who said,

“I’m a autism parent, and I totally get how crazy it feels.

How some days are awesome and some days you want to disappear to Costa Rica.

How some days you’re crying in pride and some days you’re crying in worry about the future.

I help autism parents navigate all of those feelings, and give you new techniques to try at home.

BTW, I charge $500 bucks an hour.”

What would you do in my shoes?

I’ll tell you what I’d do: I’d be pulling the money out of savings before I finished reading the paragraph.

That’s the power of specializing.

When someone knows you will get them deeply, they trust your value, and the money objections fall away.

They want the value you bring.

They want the version of their future selves that feels in reach, now that they’ve found you.

I *know* that you have at least one issue in your life that you would pay any amount of money to have solved or have relief from.

This is why we specialize.

Not because we can’t help different people.

Not because we don’t want to help all kinds of people.

But because we have one area, one vein of gold, where we bring the most possible value.

Either we’ve been there.

We’ve done it.

We’ve overcome it.

Or we’re just so damn passionate about it.

We all have gifts and skill sets and life experiences that benefit others. We all have one or two topics that we could talk about all day, or something we’ve gone through that was so hard, we’d do anything to spare others that pain.

And that’s our vein of gold.

And when you find it, commit to it, hunker down and stake your claim and make friends with it, your life changes.

Yes, your practice grows quickly.

But there’s more.

Your mindset changes.

You speak with confidence.

Work doesn’t feel like work.

You’re willing to do the things that scare you in service of offering your highest value.

Your past makes more sense to you: you needed your experiences to become this person, this strong guide, for so many others.

Your messaging becomes utterly clear, and the right people hear it. It cuts through the crazy noise of life and lands where it needs to.

And you…are home.

Go find home.

I can’t wait to hear all about it.