Helping Therapists Bust Outta the Office, Help More People, and Make More Money.

Move From Stressed, Tired, and Underpaid Therapist

To Excited, Well-Paid, and Thriving Therapreneur.

Become a therapreneur

You're ready

You Love Being a Therapist.

Me Too!

But…It’s Not EVERYTHING For You. You Know You Want…MORE.

Coach? Speak? Create a Course? Lead a Retreat?

Deep Down, You’re a Therapreneur.

Time to Write Your Next Chapter.

You Bring Your Ideas: 

I’ll Help You Make Them Reality.

Your energy and knowledge are too big to keep bottled in your little office forever.

You have gifts and expertise that people Need and will pay you for right now.

Even when you’re successful, eventually being just a therapist isn’t the greatest:

  • Hard work
  • limited impact
  • isolation
  • income ceiling
  • Limits on your creativity, scope of practice, and geographic influence

But I get it.

You’re not sure:

  • What you’re really meant to do

  • How to find the time

  • How it all works with your license

  • What you most want to grow

  • How to market

  • Where to even begin

And if we’re getting really honest, you’re also sitting with:

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Fear of putting yourself out there in a bigger way

  • Fear of judgement from colleagues and friends

  • Fear of trying something new and failing

I hear you.


I’ve been a successful therapist for 15 years.

I’ve taught grad school, directed multiple large mental health programs, supervised dozens of interns, and treated hundreds of clients.

But putting myself out there as a

coach for therapists who want MORE

is the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

And…seriously the most rewarding.

Therapist or Therapreneur?

So why become a Therapreneur?

  • Use all your strengths, not just your clinical skills.
  • Grow your income faster than you ever thought possible. Mine grew 10x faster adding coaching than doing straight private practice. 
  • Get the incredible confidence boost that comes from trying new things every day—even when they scare you!
  • Master new skills, no matter what stage of life you’re in.
  • Step more deeply into who you are and spread YOUR unique message!


Coaching is exploding and you’re more highly-trained than 99% of coaches out there. Explode your biz, protect your license, and love your work!


Lead a retreat in your favorite destination. Teach, support, and inspire, all while getting paid to be in a place you love, getting to know clients you adore.

Course Creation

The holy grail of passive income…the online course! Take what you know, package it, and learn marketing strategy to position yourself as the expert you are.

Writing and Speaking

That book is in you. That talk is just waiting for the right audience. Time to overcome your fears, get accountable, and spread the messages you were born to share!


I have to tell you, from the bottom of my heart, how much your help has already improved my practice in a way where I get to see my ideal clients every day.  My last three new clients have said, “I knew you would understand me,” and “I knew you would be a perfect fit for me.”
I just can’t thank you enough.  My practice is growing and I’m so happy…..all because of you.

Susan Taylor, DBH, LMSW





This is AMAZING! I want to see me for therapy! Just had a minute break between sessions and WOW—I am blown away Katie—you NAILED it all! I see this as taking off like no one’s business! Gonna have to find some more hours to schedule all the people that will flock to my door! I cannot say enough WOWs!

Delee D’Arcy, LPC, LMFT

We should meet.

I’m Katie Read, MFT, Coach, & Marketing Strategist for Therapreneurs

Well that’s a mouthful.

I combine 15 years as a successful therapist with a lifetime of writing, teaching, and obsessing about marketing. I help people just like me, who’ve outgrown the traditional office and are ready to step more fully into who they’re meant to be.


My clients are:

  • Smart. Listen, I’m smart too, and we all know the conversation really pops at the smart-kids table.
  • Successful. Whether as a therapist or in other parts of your life, you know when you put your mind to something, you’ll make it work.
  • Experienced. You’ve got some life under your belt and wisdom to share. You just need a little guidance onto the right path.
  • Kind. We counselors are a kind bunch, and that’s vital. You won’t expand your reach without a real love of helping people.
  • Stuck. You’ve had these ideas kicking around forever. Life coaching. Leading a retreat. Creating an online course. Writing a book. But figuring out where to begin is SO OVERWHELMING.

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Wow!!!! Now I want to call me for an appointment!!!  This is amazing and worth every penny I’m paying!!!! I could never have made myself sound that good!!!

Melanie Taylor, LPC, RPT

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All Services begin with a free consultation.

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